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Skinless & Boneless Saltfish Fillets

of Alaskan Pollock

Split Saltfish, Bacalo,

99p Skinless & Boneless Saltfish Fillets

of Alaskan Pollock

Saltfish, Frozen Exotic & Speciality Seafood Suppliers for World Cuisine

Sunshine Saltfish is a family-owned saltfish producer, specialising in traditional high quality filleting and salting of codfish, saithe, ling, pollock and other fish species, as well as supplying mackerel, herring and exotic frozen fish for delicious Bantu, Mediterranean, Latino and Iberian cuisines. Sunshine Saltfish is available from good retailers and wholesalers in the UK and is exported around the world.

Our top quality fish is from sustainable fisheries in the four corners of the world - from the clear icy waters off Alaska, the North Atlantic, the Barents Sea and the South Pacific Ocean. We are also a major supplier of all kinds of exotic seafood from Indian Ocean and Tasmanian Sea fisheries.

RedFish Steaks

£20 per box

Salted Cod Cutlets

£15 per box

Saltfish and Frozen Exotic Fish

Sunshine Saltfish is ideally located in the centre of the UK on the Humber, where our own EU-approved factory carries-out traditional hand filleting and salting. Our on-site coldstore holds vast stocks of frozen exotic fish for nationwide and international distribution.

Saltfish - Split,
Fillets & Cutlets

At the heart of great national dishes in Spain and Portugual, our dried salted cod is known as Bacalo in Spain and Bacalhau in Portugual. Saltfish is also a favourite and wholesome dish amongst Caribbean, African and European Bantu peoples, whose delicious recipes have been enjoyed by many generations.

Frozen Whole Fish, Fillets, Portions & Steaks

Working with our sister company JP Barkworth Ltd we supply a wide range of frozen whole fish, fillets, portions and steaks including Swordfish, Pangasius, Kingfish, Redfish, Red Mullet, Salmon, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Coley, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Denton Snapper, Big Eye Snapper, Lane Snapper, Scarlet Snapper, Ruby Snapper, Parrotfish, Trevally, Yellow Croaker, Tilapia, Silver Hake, Barracuda, Catfish and more delicious species.

Sunshine Recipes

Salted and dried fish comes from pure, natural raw materials. Only salt is added and the fish retains all its beneficial vitamins and minerals during the process from fresh fish to the saltfish. We want more people to enjoy the heath giving benefits of saltfish and will feature an ever-growing library of delicious fish recipes that customers can try for themselves. We welcome your receipe suggestions so if you have a recipe you'd like us to feature, please email the details, preferably with a nice picture.


A traditional Mediterranean-style fish stew featuring salt cod with peppers onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

Bacalhau Artico

Served with king crab and Pernod sauce, a sauce with a distinct liquorice taste which goes splendidly with salted and dried fish.

Saltfish & Tomato Sauce

A delicious and light saltfish recipe served with a tangy tomato sauce - perfect for a light lunch.

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Sunshine Saltfish is a family-owned saltfish producer, specialising in traditional high quality filleting, drying and salting. Our website is currently under construction and a link to further details about us will follow in the next few weeks.


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